Metalworking Supplies

Here you will find detailed information on where you get metal and what tools you need to craft it.

Buying Metal:
A good place to buy metal that I've found is They have a large selection and are geared to the small time buyer. They can also custom cut metal to your specifications. If you have a larger order, such as 50 plates for some brig, call them and they will probably give you a deal on it (they did me.) I really haven't found anywhere better to buy metal. You can find some at home improvement stores, but not custom cut and not always the thickness you need.

Whitney Punch:
The one tool that is a must for any metal work is a Whitney Punch (Jr. No. 5). These punches punch through sheet metal like it's a piece of paper. I have an easier time using this to punch through metal than using my leather punch to punch through leather. If you find a new one of these for under $30 its a deal, take it. The best place to look is on E-Bay.

Tin Snips:
Tin snips, or metal shears, are needed if you are going to do any metal cutting yourself. Depending on the thickness of the metal you are using these may not work, or you might need really high quality ones, but in short these are scissors for metal. Due to the rigidity of metal you may actually need 3 different snips. One of making straight cuts, one for making right curves, and one for making left curves.

This article was written by Staff Writer.